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bilingual dictionary dutch english

bilingual dictionary english dutch

Dutch -> English (Letter "G" 2361 Keywords)
English -> Dutch (Letter "W" 1075 Keywords)


37483/ 366256

bilingual dictionary dutch german

bilingual dictionary german dutch

Dutch -> German (Letter "T" 1904 Keywords)
German -> Dutch (Letter "B" 2419 Keywords)

41494/ 350728

36816/ 326611

bilingual dictionary dutch french

bilingual dictionary french dutch

Dutch -> French (Letter "G" 2361 Keywords)
French -> Dutch (Letter "A" 2764 Keywords)


33714/ 359413

bilingual dictionary dutch portuguese brazilian

bilingual dictionary portuguese brazilian dutch

Dutch -> Portuguese/Brazilian (Letter "S" 3617 Keywords)
Portuguese/Brazilian -> Dutch (Letter "E" 2882 Keywords)

32175/ 350620

bilingual dictionary dutch spanish

bilingual dictionary spanish dutch

Dutch -> Spanish (Letter "B" 3077 Keywords)
Spanish -> Dutch (Letter "C" 3880 Keywords)


31175/ 325417

bilingual dictionary dutch swedish

bilingual dictionary swedish dutch

Dutch -> Swedish (Letter "D" 1977 Keywords)
Swedish -> Dutch (Letter "F" 2834 Keywords)

/ 353816
34817/ 327618

bilingual dictionary dutch italian

bilingual dictionary italian dutch

Dutch -> Italian (Letter "M" 1832 Keywords)
Italian -> Dutch (Letter "P" 3399 Keywords)

/ 378231

33354/ 353035


  • First license agreement (Dictionary Database)- not for resale:
    You can integrate the database in your applications but you can`t sell this application to other customers.

    The price for this license agreement is 2,690.00 € (plus tax/VAT) for one dictionary.
    One Dictionary database includes two directions.

    It`s for translation agencies (create a basis for your own Translation Memories -TM) , scientific departments, for companies with internal use (and own applications) or companies that would integrate it into their website...

  • Second license agreement (Dictionary Database)- for resale (commercial use):
    You can integrate the database in any application* and you can sell this application to other customers.

    The price for this license agreement is 4,990.00 € (plus tax/VAT) for one dictionary database (without further royalties).
    One Dictionary database includes two directions.

    * The databases can only be sold to other customers if embedded in a application.


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